Call for Wood Innovators


Eighth edition: march 14th, 2024
Program, march 14th, 2024

Please note: your registration is pending unless confirmed by us.
We revert within max. three days.


A attending (per person, special arrangements feasible, presentation on request!)

  • cluster & incubator, foundation, university, media (fee Euro 200)
  • corporates in forest & wood tech (Euro 900), investor (any kind) (Euro 600)
  • consulting (any kind) (Euro 1,200)
  • startups (Euro 200, with up to 2 persons)

B presenting innovators (max. 30!)

  • Euro 450 (with up to 3 persons)

Our experience clearly shows remote pitches and speeches are mediocre and by far no mean to acquaint with potential partner.

Please understand we only accept remote pitches and speeches done by startups and speakers located Overseas (USA, Canada, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea….)

»» For security reasons you can not use these characters: =&/()#

I am / represent:

Technology Focus

If entrepreneur – What solution do you address?
If investor – Which categories interest you as investment opportunities?
(check all that apply)

Note: with confirmed registration you will appear in our attendee list which is published in our site with link to your Linkedin profile.

Please add 6 and 6.